Portugal is a Country of the Football

Excellent infrastructures for the football practice

privileged natural conditions across portugal

Portugal is a renowned destination for Football Training Camps, gaining with decades of experience in professional and amateur teams’ hospitality.

In addition to the fantastic climate of mild temperatures all year long, most of the Football infra-structures are associated to 4 and 5 star resorts. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other sports’ complexes and pitches scattered throughout the country, allowing the use of different accommodation alternatives.

The hosting of UEFA’s European Football Championship in 2004, encouraged investments in building or upgrading 10 state of the art Football Stadiums, hotel capacity, construction of road systems providing access to the stadiums and host cities.

The organization demonstrated well the Portuguese triological spirit of “Football, Fátima and Fado”… in other words, the community’s enrooted love for this Sport, Catholic Faith and Entertainment.

Because “In Portugal, Extra Time is always the best part of the game” according to the slogan of the Portuguese Tourist Authorities’ EURO 2004 ad campaign, DOMITUR TRAVEL can combine all local products and services to meet the requirements of teams from 1st league to amateurs looking to participate in Football Training Camps and maximize their performance by participating in friendly games. We have long experience of working with our local partners to deliver you with the best sports facilities and accommodation alternatives, medical care information, transfers and 24 hour assistance.

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