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Portugal has privileged natural conditions for the practice of birdwatching

privileged natural conditions across portugal

Superb birdlife associated to privileged natural conditions accross portugal give us the chance to promote great Birdwatching tours and short breaks

Although the Algarve is well known to everyone as an unrivalled holiday destination, it is perhaps less well known than it deserves to be for the value of its birdlife and biodiversity.

In its variety of sandy coastlines, cliffs, mountains, wetlands and Mediterranean landscapes there occur many resident, wintering or migratory bird species that journey from north to south. Many of them are faced with threats that could compromise their existence and stability in the near future.

Some sites, such as the Ria Formosa, the Castro Marim wetlands or Sagres, are well known for large concentrations of birds during a period when they are at their most vulnerable.

we can’t forget how important it is to protect birds and nature, by recognizing, respecting, acting and demonstrating that they are real values worth protecting and conserving.

The Algarve is the region of Portugal with the greatest recorded diversity of species. In total, 386 species have been observed – a number that increases every year – representing over 15 different taxonomic orders (e.g. divers, ducks, raptors, waders, passerines, etc.). The wide variety of landscapes in the region together with its geographical situation, particularly its proximity to North Africa, are among the factors that explain this great ornithological wealth as well as some of its peculiarities.

Domitur promotes Birding Tours and Birdwatching Short Break all over the year always with a professional Tour Guide that identifies the best areas to observe the birds.

Spring nidification in Algarve

This tour is dedicated to nature lovers! The Algarve is one of the most interesting and exciting regions in Southern Europe for birdwatching, mainly due to the diversity of habitats, presence of Iberian and Mediterranean species, fine weather all-year round, spectacular landscapes, and rather short distances between hotspots.

In this two-based trip you will be able to explore the best hotspots of region in this time of year, dedicate one morning to go out at sea in a pelagic trip, and make a day trip to Alentejo for something else entirely.

In Spring time, newly arrived African visitors join the resident birds and settle to breed. The wildflowers are in bloom and air is fresh with the scent of Life. Temperatures are rising, and in fields, forests, cliffs and wetlands it is time for colour, songs and displays. Portugal is clearly the perfect setting for this amazing tour. Visit the best of Portugal with Domitur Travel!

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