Portugal brings out the best in everyone

Rejuvenate yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically

Whatever the motivation for the getaway, Portugal is sure to extend warm Atlantic memories and benefit visitors with regained energy to breeze back into life at home.

DOMITUR TRAVEL can combine special programmes for memorable occasions, or for travellers merely looking to retreat and rejuvenate mentally, spiritually and physically.

Many resorts in Portugal Mainland, Madeira and Azores Islands include SPA facilities with treatments based on the sea – very similar in its composition, the blood plasma-essential to absorb the balance of the human body – denominated Thalassotherapy – and apply techniques of traditional oriental medicine, massage, aromatherapy treatments with water, which are just some of the ways to fight daily stress and improve health and aesthetics.

Whether located at the feet of fabulous beaches, or isolated in the heart of inland luxuriant vegetation and using natural spring waters, Portuguese SPAs and Wellness centres will offer guidance in areas such as nutrition, healthy living and personalized exercise activity options so that your tailored holiday program takes on the benefits of physical challenge in a warm sunny climate, even if unplanned for.

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