Portugal the idyllic getaway for groups and individuals

An extensive list of fun tours and activities

An extensive list of cultural attractions to choose from

Portugal is an idyllic get away of sunshine and mild temperatures, where you may enjoy many different activities to spice up a holiday either for groups or individuals.

Environmental Discovery

Portugal has several official eco-protected Parks and Natural Reserves where numerous environmental paths can be enjoyed either through trekking, biking, birdwatching or even by boat. Benefit from a wide range of ecological tours which also include the traditional social activities of each region such as animal breeding, farming, salt extraction, shellfish farming, traditional fishing, dolphin, whale and marine species watching (education and awareness of the preservation of marine life also portrayed in theme parks).

Exhilarating Activities

Family-friendly or more adrenaline filled experiences: the exciting water parks, trekking, biking, horseback-riding, Go karts, climbing, paintball, hot air ballooning, sailing, jet skiing, parasailing, waterskiing, canoeing, paddling, snorkeling and scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, cliff fishing and many more.

Gourmet and Wine Experiences

Wine-growing and wine production in Portugal are traditions that go back several centuries, earning special mention due to the increasing notoriety of wine varieties with DOC designations (registered designation of origin), as well as liqueurs, spirits and sparkling wines – each one of them suitable to accompany the Portuguese land and sea gastronomy prepared with fresh local products in traditional cooking recipes. Either cooking classes, visits to local productions of cheese, sweets and fish preserves, visits to century old wine cellars where the traditional wine production is observed and experienced. Or else just a simple pleasure can solely begin at one of many street cafés with a “bica” and “pastel de nata” – undoubtedly part of Portugal’s culture…

Portugal Wine Tour

A wine tour through Portugal that can go from 4 days to 18 days. An experience that will make you know the best Portuguese nectars. Discover the wine regions of Portugal and enjoy the wonderful wines of Portugal, know the unique characteristics of each region wines. A tour that has the wines as main focus, but that will lead you to experiences that reveal the best that exist in Portugal.

This tour alies the best wines with the best gastronomic and culinary experiences. Let us unveil the typical dishes of each region and give you the best of Portugal, the people! Get to know the typical festivities and celebrations, discover the most radical activities or simply take a break and pamper yourself.

Take advantage of discovering the Portuguese historical and cultural heritage and enjoy the best views. Go from north to south, from the coast to the interior, discover with your eyes how such a small country can be so different. Discover Portugal, a side sea-based country with so much to offer you!

Nightlife, Music and Tradition

Fado, Popular Saints Festivities, medieval fairs, folklore and nightspots can be found even in the smallest towns, whereas the larger cities will surprise you with some of the most sophisticated dancing clubs in Europe!

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