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DOMITUR TRAVEL allows you to experience Portugal and its main attractions by creating a detailed itinerary which always takes into account the many sights and sounds, attractions and hidden secrets of this beautiful country.

Portugal has the oldest borders in the world, established within a Monarchy in 1249. After a series of clashes between different political fractions Portugal became a Republic in 1910 and has been a member of the EU since 1986. Today, the country reflects an intriguing mixture of the cultural influences it embraced throughout centuries of historical interaction with all corners of the Globe.

These influences are brought to you in the form of cultural itineraries, revealing unforgettable landscapes and fascinating World Heritage Sites.

A small taste of holiday memories waiting to be experienced:

Our Cultural Tours & Circuits are focused on reflecting the Portuguese Heritage either in a specific region or throughout the whole country taking into account to include experiences based on Portuguese tradition & culture like gastronomy, wine, music and folklore.