Nautical & Water Sports

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Superb sport infra-structures associated to priviledged natural conditions accross portugal


Offering more than 850 km of superb coastline, interrupted by beautiful river outfalls and the finest of beaches nestling between dunes and cliffs, Portugal is the land of legendary sailors – Henry the Navigator, Vasco de Gama, Pedro Álvares Cabral, Afonso de Albuquerque – where a series of nautical and water sports can be organized ensuring moments of pure fun:

Sailing – Portugal offers a wealth of experiences all year round and DOMITUR TRAVEL can provide you all the information about sightseeing boat trips and luxury yacht charters, sailing championships, hiring or bringing over your own boat and sailing lessons. Most marinas offer a wide choice of craft including small sailing boats, RIBs, catamarans, power boats, traditional fishing boats and an itinerant replica of the “caravela” – official vessel of the Portuguese Discoveries in the XV Century –

Jetskiing, parasailing, waterskiing, banana boats, power boat rides, parascending … – can also be organized in most marinas for groups or individuals looking for a quick adrenalin rush!

Surf – DOMITUR TRAVEL works with many surf schools offering courses for all levels and all ages. Portugal’s position the far west of Europe allows Portugal to have perfect conditions for both experienced and beginner surfers and body-boarders, as well as to host important competitions such as the world championships.

Scuba diving – Portugal Mainland and Islands of Madeira and Azores benefit from the unpolluted water of the Atlantic and the warm influence of the Gulf Stream, and have collected increasing annual EU Blue Flag Awards. The sea temperature is mild all year long and underwater visibility is generally very good. These ideal conditions enable the discovery of a vibrant underwater world of colourful diversity of fish and plants, intriguing wrecks, real and artificial reefs, caves, ridges and grottoes.

deep-sea fishing, beach casting, cliff fishing – fishing has long formed an integral part of Portuguese culture and diet – and as a tourist attraction it offers a long season and lots of different fish and angling experiences.