Adventure Sports

domitur committed to sport tourism

Superb sport infra-structures associated to priviledged natural conditions accross portugal


Adrenalin pumping sports are increasingly popular and are the most exhilarating way to explore Portugal’s coast and countryside – DOMITUR TRAVEL has the most efficient partners to get your program assembled with quality and safety, including:

Aerial slides/ zip wires – flying through the air dangling from a cable far above the ground from Portugal’s longest aerial slide in with 300 meters offering spectacular views.

Paintball – a challenging and strategic game, if not played for the glory – be it for the laugh

Blokarting – an activity that takes only a 3 wheeled cart attached to a big sail and a few minutes of instructions and will get you hooked as is blokarts at up to 90Km per hour when the North wind blows.

Paragliding and hang-gliding – with clubs all over Portugal with whom DOMITUR TRAVEL can arrange paragliding for beginners and hang-gliding for experts.

Microlight flying – that will give you incredible 360º view of the Portuguese dramatic landscape in a 2 seater aircraft with a qualified experienced pilot.

Skydiving – DOMITUR TRAVEL can help you organize parachuting in Portugal’s increasingly popular drop sites throughout the country’s airfields – Braga, Maia, Torres Novas, Èvora, and Portimão – where skydivers from all over Europe take advantage of the mild Portuguese winters to practice their free fall jumps.