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Superb sport infra-structures associated to priviledged natural conditions accross portugal


Action, adventure and the deserved relaxation, are perfect combinable in Portugal. The mild temperatures and low humidity registered throughout the year allow the practice of all outdoor sports, favoured by the low population density and equally low emissions of pollutants to the atmosphere.

Portugal is unmatchable as the perfect stage to organize training camps for professional athletes, as well as various sport activities for amateurs and tourists looking to enjoy some type of physical activity, especially during those colder months, back home.
Continental Europe’s Westernmost Coast opens its doors 850 km wide to connect dramatically diverse landscape to the deep blue Atlantic and the Islands of Madeira and Azores.

Keeping up the rhythm of increasing importance of health and fitness -to people of all ages and interest groups- DOMITUR TRAVEL has managed to establish successful partnerships with the best infra-structures and equipment suppliers, as well as specialists and experts in Portugal, in order to mix the specific requirements of an extensive list of Sports and create a series of Sports Tourism products and services:

Athletics Training Camps
Football Training Camps
Tennis Training Camps
Nature activities: Hikking and Cyling
Adventure Sports
Nautical & Water Sports

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